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Vulcan Pumps specializes in designing high-quality pump systems. The Vulcan Pumps team ensures quality work with the ability to easily make changes to fit your specific application needs. Their quality control team inspects every part of the pump before assembly and during the manufacturing process, testing materials and appearance before it’s ever shipped to the client.

Vulcan Pumps

Made in the USA:

Patterns, casting and machine parts and assembly all come from our state-of-the art facility right here in the Southeast US. This ensures on-time delivery, quality control and consistent pricing.



Vulcan Pump Submersible Pumps

Metallurgy: CD4MCUN, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, 2205, 2507

For more applications with chemical or high chloride concerns Vulcan Pumps has several choices in ASTM A890 duplex and super duplex stainless steels (CD4, 2205, and 2507) as well as ASTM A494 high nickel alloys (C276, A20). Hardware, motor shafts, and other pump components can also be manufactured in these materials.

Seal Design: Working with partner John Crane Co., Vulcan Pumps has developed multiple seal designs to best meet the needs of the application. This ensures you have the best seal for the application and are not relying on a motor manufacturer to generically give a seal selection for you.

Parts: Parts are inventoried locally in Birmingham, AL. This allows us to offer quality components at reasonable prices with a short, one-week lead-time.

Rebuild Program: Pump rebuild services, upgrades, and testing with full warranty.

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