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Hudson Pump & Equipment, a leading pump distributor for SERO Pumpsystems which  is in the ongoing discussions within the industry regarding the utilization of ammonia in the green energy revolution. The industry is pondering whether ammonia will serve as a transitional fuel, contribute to the production of green or blue hydrogen, or find applications in other emerging technologies. Recognizing the significance of these developments, SERO Pumps, a trusted name in the field, stands prepared with the requisite expertise and equipment for pumping both anhydrous and aqueous forms of ammonia.

In terms of safety and environmental concerns, SERO Pumps relies on its renowned SEMA model, a sealless magnetic drive pump. This particular model is employed to prevent leaks and minimize emissions into the environment. An example of its application can be observed in the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) service, where the SEMA-SB (block design) 440 series effectively pumps ammonia to a reactor. By selecting the SEMA model from SERO PumpSystems, industries can ensure not only safety but also reliability in their operations.

  • Low Flow with High Differential Pressure
  • Entrained gas handling capabilities
  • Close coupled = No alignment!
  • Zero Leakage with MagDriv
  • Low NPSH requirements

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