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More than one hundred years of industry-leading expertise behind the best range of positive displacement reciprocating pumps in the market.

Unmatched experience and performance that results in the best reciprocating pump offerings available

Our manufactured continuous- and intermittent-duty reciprocating pumps operate in low-to-high pressure applications and offer 24/7 continuous duty run time, resulting in reduced downtime and savings for your overall operational costs. Our pumps work in a variety of fluids and offer a variety of fluid end metallurgies. We offer a range of models from lightweight with a smaller footprint to models that are robust and built to withstand more demanding environments and application complexities.

National™ · Oilwell™ · Wheatley™ · GASO™ · Bear™ · MSW™—a proven history of delivering the reciprocating pump products you need to handle any application in any environment.

Features and benefits

  • PSTL, CBRZ, DSS, and CDI fluid end offerings
  • Hard-Co, tungsten, and ceramic plungers
  • Multiple packing designs and materials
  • Spherical valve, as well as other valve design offerings
  • Packing lubrication
  • Packing leak detection options
  • Digitalization packages
  • Suction booster
  • Complete pump packages


  • Waterflood
  • Salt-water disposal
  • Crude oil pipeline
  • Cementing
  • Acidizing
  • Well servicing
  • Horizontal drilling
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Riser boost
  • Descaling–steel mills
  • Boiler feed
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Waste disposal
  • Slurry pipeline
  • Loading
  • Recycling
  • Mining

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